Take an Assignment in SYLVA

Learn how to take an assignment in SYLVA, as well as how to change answers.

SYLVA allows you to take assignments for your course from the convenience of your personal laptop. We will review the basics of how to:

  1. Access the assignment and review the rules
  2. Answer questions and save answers
  3. Change answers
  4. Submit the assignment

Access the assignment and review the rules

On the main dashboard, click Assessment.

Click the relevant course. All assessments for the course are listed. The assessment deadlines (if any) are provided next to the assessment name.

If the assessment is available to start, you will be able to click on the name. If the assessment is not yet accessible, you will not be able to click on the name.

Click the assignment name to access the file.

The Introduction & Rules of the assignment are provided. Read the information carefully.

To officially start the assignment, click Start Assignment at the end of the Introduction & Rules.

Important notes:

  • For timed assignments, the timer will immediately start when you click Start Assignment.
  • The timer is displayed at the top and counts once the Start Assignment button is clicked regardless of closing the tab or logging out of SYLVA.
  • If you face technical errors during the assignment, you can refresh the page or close the browser. You can still access the assignment before the deadline or timer runs out.

Answer questions and save answers

For multiple choice style questions, select your preferred answer by clicking the toggle button.

Click Submit answer to save your answer.

We must click Submit answer for each question, otherwise the answer is erased if we navigate away from the page.

For free response style questions, type your answer in the available text box.

If there are conditions for acceptable answers, we will see an error notification when we submit an unacceptable answer.

Remember to click Submit answer each time to save your answers.

We can go back to previously submitted answers by clicking the white arrows or the black circle icons on the bottom toolbar.

Change answers

After we click Submit answer for each question, the answer is saved and the screen moves to the next question.

When we go back to answered questions, we can preview our saved answer.

If you would like to revise your answer, click Change Answer. Your original answer will be deleted. You must click Submit Answer after providing your new one, otherwise the question will be left unanswered.

If you would like to leave a question unanswered (e.g., due to negative points for incorrect answers), leave the question blank by not saving an answer.

Submit the assignment

The assignment must be completed and submitted by the deadline.

Assignments with a timed duration will be automatically submitted once the counter hits 0:00.

On the last page of the assignment, click Submit Your Assessment.

If you have left any questions unanswered, you will receive a pop-up notification. There are two options to proceed:

  • Answer these questions - If you would like to review the unanswered questions and submit answers for them.
  • Submit assessment - Continue to submit the assessment and leave the questions unanswered.

You will receive a last pop-up notification asking to confirm you would like to submit the assessment.

Remember: Once you have submitted the assessment, you cannot revise your answers or resubmit the same assessment again.

Click Submit.

Finally, we will see the pop-up notification stating Assessment submitted. Click Ok.

Once the instructor has reviewed and graded the assessment, the grades will be published and available for you to view under Evaluation.


Conveniently take assessments for your course on SYLVA. Be sure to pay attention to your course schedule and deadlines. From Assessments, you can access your assignments and exams. Pay attention to the introductory information and rules provided by your instructor. For each question you answer, be sure to click Submit Answer. You have the option to change your answer during the assessment. After you finish the entire assessment, submit your work by clicking Submit Your Assessment. Good luck!