SYLVA Overview

Get introduced to SYLVA with an overview of the dashboard.

SYLVA is a fully-integrated learning and assessment platform that integrates course administration, content creation, courseware distribution, student assessment, and evaluation reporting in one platform. After logging in, you will will see four applications on the main page:

  1. Administration
  2. Courseware
  3. Assessment
  4. Evaluation


Administration is for teachers to manage students and courses. Only educators have access to this application and its features.

Educators can view and export the student list, setup the schedule for lectures and assessments, and review and modify grades.


In Courseware you find all lecture material and slides.

All courses are provided in the list. Lectures for each course are accessible for students to open and download based on your predetermined schedule.

You can open lecture slides directly from here to use for teaching in the classroom.


Assessment contains all self-tests, assignments, and exams for each course.


Evaluation has the grading summary and performance reports for all assessments.

Students can view their personal performance overview for each assessment and overall in the course.

Educators can preview the grades for the entire class, grades by each student, or grades by each assessment.


SYLVA will make your teaching experience much smoother by having each part of your daily administration, courseware, assessment, and evaluation in one place.

There are more tutorial videos to help you get started and we will be happy to receive any feedback via email at!