Sign Up and Log In to SYLVA

SYLVA is free for instructors. Learn how to sign up and log in to SYLVA.

Getting started with SYLVA is as simple as:

  1. Registering a SYLVA account
  2. Setting your password

Register a SYLVA account

Educators can sign up for a free SYLVA account on the signup page.

After you submit your user details and hit Signup, your account will be verified within one day.

After your account has been verified, you will receive a confirmation email. Check your inbox for the email and click the start button to register your SYLVA account.

Set up your password

A new browser window will open to set your password. Create a password and click Submit.

Now you are ready to login!

You will be prompted to view the introduction video. The video provides a helpful overview of SYLVA to get you started.

Afterwards, click OK and you will see the main dashboard.


Now you have a registered your SYLVA account and set up your login information. The SYLVA website is where you can manage your courses and students including the courseware lectures, assessments, and grades.