Set Up a Course

Learn how to set up a new course in the Administration section.

Let's start setting up a new course by:

  1. Adding a new course
  2. Filling in the course information


Adding a new course

On the website, go to Administration.

Click New Course (+) to set up a new course.

Filling in the course information

Fill in the basic information for your course.

  • Course Name - Full name of course
  • Short Name - Short name of course
  • No. - Course number or code
  • Website/link - Course website or link to catalogue information
  • Description - Short statement about the course subject
  • Type - Lecture or Seminar
  • Semester - Course term
  • Organization - Institution or group of course

Once you're finished, click Submit to save the information.

Now the course is saved. You can come back later and update the information anytime by clicking the pencil icon on the righthand side of the course bar.

As a next step, we first recommend you to create your course content in CREO. Once your content is ready, you should invite students to the course.


Adding a course is as simple as going to Administration and clicking Add New Course. Then you simply need to fill in the course information and save the course by hitting Submit.