Manage Students and Staff

Learn how to invite, maintain, and search for student and staff accounts for courses.

Teaching requires at least two people - the teacher and the student! We'll cover how to manage the most important part of your courses - the people - by:

  1. Inviting students and staff
  2. Removing or editing users
  3. Searching for users

Invite students and staff

On the Administration app, click the course you want to invite students and staff to.

Your account is already listed under the Staff section.

Click Add Users to invite students and staff members to the course. We invite multiple users at once by clicking the Add another user button.

There are four required fields for each new user:‍‍

  1. Role - The user's function (student or staff member)
  2. Email - The affiliated university or organization email address of the user
  3. First name - First name of the user (displayed on the user's account and grading reports)
  4. Last name - Last name of the user (displayed on the user's account and grading reports)

Once you have filled in the required information, click Submit invitations to confirm the invites. The invited users now appear under the staff and student lists.

The users will receive an email inviting them to join your course. For new users, they will need to follow the steps in the invitation email in order to successfully register for their SYLVA accounts. That includes setting a password. Registered users, who already used SYLVA before, can use their existing login credentials.

Remove or edit users

We remove users by hovering over their name and clicking the trash icon.

If we need to revise the student name or email, we must delete them from the list and add them again.

Search for users

Filtering the users by student or staff accounts is helpful for long user lists.

When we click Students, we see only the staff accounts.

When we click Staff, we see only the student accounts.

The search bar allows us to search for a specific user by his or her email address or name.

Finally, we can export the student list offline by clicking Export list.


Managing the users for courses is simple in the Administration app. We covered how to invite users, remove or edit their accounts, and search for specific users.