Manage Courses

Learn how to create, revise, delete, and archive courses.

The Administration app is where you can manage your courses and respective students and course material. We will cover how to manage your courses by:

  1. Creating a new course
  2. Revising course information
  3. Deleting or archiving a course

Create a new course

On the website, go to Administration.

Click the (+) at the top of the screen to set up a new course. Then fill in the basic information for your course.

  • Course Name - Full name of course
  • Short Name - Short name of course
  • No. - Course number or code
  • Website/link - Course website or link to catalogue information
  • Description - Short statement about the course subject
  • Type - Lecture or Seminar
  • Semester - Course term
  • Organization - Institution or group of course (your organization will already be the default option)

Once you’re finished, click Submit to save the information.

Revise course information

You can revisit the course details anytime and update the information. We click the pencil icon on the righthand side of the course bar to revise the course details.

Delete or archive a course

When we are in the edit mode of a course, there is a button at the bottom to delete the course and all of its related resources. Once we click the "Delete Course" button, there is a pop-up to confirm we want to delete the course. Please note that deleting a course is irreversible and all related data is lost.

For old courses, we archive them to save the course content, information, and grades. Archiving the course will simply hide the course from the list of active courses.

Click the toggle button to archive a course.

  • Green - Archived course
  • Red - Not archived (active)

The archived courses are listed instead on the archived course list, which we can access by clicking the arrows next to the (+) button on the top toolbar.


Managing your courses is simple on the Administration app. In less than two minutes, we can create a new course. We have flexibility to revise the course information, delete unnecessary courses, and archive former ones to keep our course list nice and organized.