Install the Authoring Tool CREO

Learn how to download CREO and log in using your SYLVA credentials.

Downloading and getting started with the authoring tool CREO is a quick process:

  1. Download the installer
  2. Log in

Download the installer

CREO is the authoring tool where we can create and directly distribute courseware and assessments.

You will be prompted to download CREO after you create your first course in the Administration app.

Tip: You can also find the download link for CREO by clicking the Help button (?) on the top righthand side of the main toolbar.

Open the installation to download CREO. It will automatically open Mathematica. Click Start Installation on the prompt.

On the next screen, click Install to continue the installation.

On the final screen, check the box that you agree to the Terms of Use. Use the same login credentials as you do for SYLVA. Finally, click Install Now.

Log in

You will automatically be logged in after the installation. The main toolbar on the lefthand-side has 3 tabs: Your name (User Settings), Create, and Open.

When you click your name, you can access the the User Settings of your account.

Create is where you create all new materials for your course.

Open is where you can access all previously created and saved work.

Future Tip: You can always access CREO from Mathematica by clicking Palettes on the toolbar and then selecting CREO.


Creating your own content for lectures and assessments is made easy with CREO. You've now downloaded and logged into CREO, which can always be accessed from the Palettes tab in Mathematica.