CREO Overview

Gain an overview of the SYLVA's powerful authoring tool CREO.

CREO is the authoring tool where we create and distribute courseware and assessments. After we set up our first course in Administration, we then create the course content using CREO. We will briefly review:

  1. Installing CREO
  2. Creating and opening content
  3. Deploying work

Install CREO

You will be prompted to download CREO after creating your first course.

After CREO is installed, we can access it by opening Mathematica, clicking palettes on the toolbar, and clicking CREO.

On the login screen, use the same credentials as you did for SYLVA.

Create and open content

After logging in, you will see the welcome screen. The main toolbar on the lefthand side has 3 tabs: User Settings, Create, and Open.

When you click your name on the main toolbar on the lefthand side, you can access the the User Settings of your account.

Create new courseware and assessments under Create.

Open all previously-made materials under Open.

After you create a new file or open a saved file, you will see the main toolbar.

  • (+) - Add new fields to courseware and new questions to assessments
  • Cloud - Save your work 
  • Paper Airplane - Deploy finished work to SYLVA
  • fx - Add formulas or edit the formatting (for courseware only)

Deploy work

Remember to save your work at the end by clicking the cloud icon. Once you are finished with your courseware or assessment, deploy the content to SYLVA by clicking the paper airplane icon. Downloadable notebooks and pdf versions of the material are created by default for courseware.

When you deploy, a preview of the content is opened in the browser. We call this a proposal so that you can preview the content before confirming the lecture or assessment for your course. This is helpful when collaborating with colleagues and to prevent making any mistakes in your content.

If you like how it looks, you can approve the proposal by clicking Accept Proposal at the bottom of the page.


CREO is a flexible authoring tool where we can get creative with our courseware and assessments. Once we install CREO, we can access it in Mathematica. It's where we create new materials or revise previously-made content. In one click, we can deploy the courseware and assessments and easily distribute the materials to students.