Check in Students for Exams

Learn how to check in and check out students for exams.

SYLVA provides the option to release final exams to students only after a manual check in process. This is helpful for exams that require a student ID check for verification or to ensure only present students can access the final exam. We will review how to:

  1. Set up manual check in for exams
  2. Check in students
  3. Check out students

Set up manual check in for exams

All final exams have the manual check in feature automatically enabled.

On the date of the final exam, we must check in the students. Otherwise, students cannot access the final exam and will see the notification "Exam Not Available".

The feature is useful for in-person exams where the students must be present in the classroom. If students are caught cheating from outside the classroom, the proctor can check out the students online so that the student is excluded from the exam.

Check in students

In order to check in students to the final exam, go to Administration, the course, then Assessment.

Next to the Final Exam, click the Check In/Out button.

A pop-up window will open. We can check in students one-by-one or altogether at the same time.

To check in students individually, click the Check In button next to their names.

The Check In column will then display a checkmark. Click the Undo button in case the wrong student was checked in.

For longer student lists, search for the student's first or last name using the Search bar.

To check in all students at the same time, click the Check in All button.

Remember, students will only be able to access the final exam once they are checked in by the instructor.

Check out students

After students have finished the final exam, they can be checked out manually as well. Students who are checked out can no longer access the exam and answer questions.

The check out procedure is similar to the check in process.

Click Check Out next to each individual student name.

Or, check out all students at the same time by clicking Check out All.


The final exam check in and check out procedure helps increase exam security. The manual check in process for final exams is automatically enabled. After monitoring and verifying students, we check in the students so they can access the exam. After the exam is over, be sure to check out the students so they can no longer access the exam.