SYLVA Explained

Everything you need to turn your ideas into world-class education.
SYLVA is a comprehensive solution for creating, teaching, assessing, and managing courses in one place. We cover how to manage each step of the teaching and learning process in a series of tutorials.

Create an Assessment

Learn how to set up an assessment schedule. Then create and preview a basic assessment.
Create an Assessment

Create a Lecture

Learn how to set up a lecture schedule and create basic lecture content.
Create a Lecture

Get Started

Learn how to set up a lecture schedule, review proposals, and publish lectures for student access.
Manage Courseware

Quick Set-up

SYLVA is free for instructors. Learn how to sign up and log in to SYLVA.
Sign Up and Log In to SYLVA
For new users to SYLVA, here are five steps to get you on track.
  • 1

    Sign up

    3 min
  • 2

    Unboxing SYLVA

    6 min
  • 3

    Install CREO

    3 min
  • 4

    Unboxing CREO

    5 min
  • 5

    Setup your first course

    8 min